I’ve been hearing from a webmaster that I work with that WordPress will be coming out with some major changes by the end of the year – changes that could mean certain plugins no longer work, themes need to be replaced, etc.

Yoast had a great summary today of what some of those changes are – but before we dive in, here is a quick overview of Gutenberg, this page change that is underway.

What is Gutenberg?

  • Gutenberg is the name of a new editor that will appear in WordPress when version 5 is released later this year. It will resemble editors such as Squarespace that work with blocks to build pages, making it easier for non designers/webmasters to have control of the page layout.
  • By reducing the visual difference between how content is created in the back end and how it is rendered on the frontend, those of us that create content will be able to have more control over how it is positioned on the page.

When Will Gutenberg Be Out?

  • You can give it a whirl now by installing the Gutenburg plugin, which is in beta
  • It will replace the current editor in the release of WordPress 5, which is expected in late 2018.
  • Note that this is only the first of 3 major rollouts expected! Gutenberg is much bigger than just the editor portion of WordPress!

Will Gutenberg Be Better Than TinyMCE

  • TinyMCE is the current editor in WordPress
  • While Gutenberg will allow us non designers to have some control of the page layout (e.g. create 3 boxes side by side), there will be some anomalies – for example, text will not be able to be wrapped around an image!
  • It is early yet to know how to work around things like this but there are man people who are on top of this and will be prepared to help the rest of us when it goes live

What Can You Do to Prepare?

  • Now is a good time to make sure that you fix any errors on your site
  • Maybe consider Gutenberg as an opportunity to redevelop your entire website? I keep a running list in Teamwork of other sites that I like, functionality I’d like to change, pages that I don’t like, etc. and when I have a few minutes to work on my site, I task these to members of my team to fix.
  • If you are using auto updates for WordPress, you should also be using a tool that will notify you when/if your site goes down as sometimes WordPress updates break plugins or themes and you need to be notified ASAP

How Can DriveTraffic Help?

  • We’d be delighted to connect you with any of the several web developers with whom we work if you are thinking of a redesign
  • We can run a content audit to highlight content that is no longer receiving pageviews and help you decide what to do with this “dead” content on your new site – and help you put a procedure in place to identify content each month that is becoming stagnant so you can refresh it
  • We can help you understand which pages of your site drive the most search engine traffic so you make sure not to “break” those with a website upgrade

Why don’t you drop us a line and we’ll see how we can help you?