There’s good news, and there’s good news. Google has changed the name of ‘Webmaster Tools’ to ‘Search Console,’ so you need not be a webmaster to think about using this excellent platform. The other good news is that you can use the Search Console to analyze your most important keywords within five minutes.

Starting Up with Google Search Console

In order to analyze the keywords that drive traffic to your pages, you first need to add your website(s) to Google Search Console . Just log in using your Google ID and press the ‘ADD A PROPERTY’ button on the top right of the page.

Google Search Console Current Status Dashboard Screenshot

Google Search Console Dashboard Screenshot

If you bought your hosting from a Google domain host partner such as,, or, you are in luck. You can verify your domain within a few seconds. For other hosting providers, you can use one of the following verification methods.

Since we recommend that you use Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager, verifying Search Console will be easy with these methods as well. Note that these Google tags must be in the correct location of your website.

Google Search Console Verification Screenshot

Alright, so you’ve added your domain and are ready to track your traffic, but not so fast. Google needs some data to display the statistics, so it will be a few hours to a few days before you can start your analysis.

Google Search Console Current Status Dashboard Screenshot

The 5 Minute Keyword Analysis

You can check back after a few days, and voila! Google has fetched the data for your domain.

Google Search Console Current Stats Screenshot

Now is the time when you can start tracking your keywords. For that, click on Search Traffic>>Search Analytics, and a world of data reveals itself.

Google Search Console Search Analytics Screenshot

This is basically the page where you can see the Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position of your keywords.

  • Clicks tell you the keywords that your visitors searched when they clicked through to your site
  • Impressions are the number of views generated by each keyword, and by all of them together
  • CTR is the percentage of people who clicked on your search results compared to the people who saw your search results
  • And Position is the average position of your result on the SERP (search engine results page)

So, let’s check all four of them and see what you get. Scroll down a bit, and you can see the four parameters for each of your keywords.

Google Search Console showing Clicks, Impressions, CTR, and Position Screenshot

Now, click on any of the keywords and you’ll see all the search terms for which your page showed up during organic searches.

Google Search Console, Looking at keywords on a specific web page screenshot

Simple, isn’t it? In less than five minutes, you can find out the answer to the following questions:

  • Which particular keywords are driving you the most traffic?
  • Which particular keywords are generating the most number of impressions/page-views?
  • What is the click through rates for different keywords?
  • What is the position of your search results for searches with different keywords?

But there’s a lot more you can do. You can analyze, filter, and compare your search queries, see which pages were displayed for each search query, and analyze which countries and devices your traffic came from. You can view that you select. Further, you can click on any search query and do an in depth analysis for that keyword.

Google Search Console, reviewing specific keyword on a specific page, screenshot

Are your most important keywords performing as expected, in terms of average positioning, page views and CTR? If not, what can you do about it? Are you ranking for some of the negative keywords? If so, you may expect to see a higher bounce rate for those keywords. Is most of your traffic coming from specific countries and/or devices? If yes, how can you optimize for these sources?

Feel free to play around, twist and spin, slice and dice, and have fun with this simple and powerful tool. You’ve just taken your first step to higher SEO rankings and faster business growth!

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