Website User Experience (UX) Review

$500.00 exc. HST

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Your User Experience is what makes you successful. If users can complete their top tasks (the reasons they come to your website) quickly, then you will have successful conversions, happy customers, and referrals.

We review your website from the point of view of your visitors (for example, potential customers, potential students or citizens). We start by identifying your target visitors’ top tasks, then review the paths they will take to complete their tasks and identify likely speed bumps and roadblocks that slow your visitors down and delay or prevent them completing their tasks – especially tasks that lead to conversions.

We provide a PowerPoint deck with screen-grabs, call-outs and explanations. The deck includes:

  • Prioritized issues, speed-bumps and roadblocks
  • Recommendations for (re)design
  • Measures and techniques you can use to monitor and improve your user experience
  • Proposals where analytics might help you collect the data you need to make decisions where evidence is not currently clear
  • Suggestions for A/B tests that could lead to improved visitor task completion and conversion