SEO Friendly Website Redesign

Planning to relaunch your website and want to maintain or grow your organic traffic? We can help!

New Look and More Leads

Re-Designing your website isn’t a one-and-done thing, nor is it just a matter of reskinning the appearance. Your website should be ever-evolving, reflecting the services or products your company provides and your brand.

An outdated website can potentially impact leads, sales, and profits.

A redesign takes as much pre-planning as it does implementation! That’s where DriveTraffic comes in! Already have your own designer? We’ll gladly work with them! Or we can introduce you to the right designer for your needs.

With DriveTraffic, you can achieve a fast website that attracts quality traffic.

The DriveTraffic Process

When you work with us, we:

Listen to your desires and pain points when it comes to your existing website.

Clarify your goals. Are you just wanting to update the design of your website or do you want to improve its performance in a specific way?

Ensure Google Analytics is in place with goals that reflect what you want to achieve.

Get Google Search Console up and running, if it’s not already in place, so that we can understand the types of keywords your target audience uses.

Set up heatmap software to help us analyze your website visitors’ movements.

Start accumulating and reviewing data so that we can make further recommendations and changes to incorporate into your revised site that will ensure your goals will be met!

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What’s the #1 SEO Mistake in Website Redesign?

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1. Does redesigning a website improve SEO?

There is a misconception that website redesign equals an improvement in SEO, but that is typically not true. If your redesign just consists of a visual change and nothing else, your SEO will remain the same.

2. How do I redesign a website without impacting SEO?

Don’t change anything that is related to SEO! That includes page names, titles, descriptions, H1, content, and interlinking.

3. What does a website redesign cost?

That depends – are you just wanting to only change the look of your website? Or are you wanting to make it faster, more visible in Google, and more mobile-friendly? Some of these requests are heavier lifting and will change the price. Other questions to consider: Do you just want to change some of the graphics? Do you already have a style guide for your site or will need one created?

Looking to Incorporate SEO/UX Into Your Website Redesign?

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