Set up heatmaps

$250.00 exc. HST



Heatmaps are a type of website tracking tool that provide a visualrepresentation of how visitors interact with your web page.

This visual representation allows us to determine where visitors click, tap or scroll on phones, tablets and desktop screens.

What are we looking for:

  • Where your visitors click most often
  • How far down the webpage people tend to scroll
  • Watching a video of people navigate multiple pages

Heatmaps are especially useful when used in conjunction with other tools such as event tracking in Google Analytics that shows which sub-navigation menus are being clicked on.

We use these data pieces to understand what your visitors are wanting most on your site and then modify your navigation to put that immediately at their fingertips (the one click method).

What We Do:

  • We set up a minimum of 3 heatmaps based (note if you would like to run more than 3 heatmaps at one time, we’ll get you to purchase heatmap software on a monthly basis)
  • The heatmap will tell us which main navigation menu gets clicked on the most. We’ll combine this with data from Google Analytics events that tell us which sub navigation item they are clicking on.
  • Once the heatmaps have collected sufficient data, we’ll review and make recommendations to your navigation and website and then start to collect data again based on the newly revised webpages.


  • Pricing varies based on:
    • how many heatmaps we’ll run concurrently and
    • how frequently we’ll need to change the heatmaps (e.g. the more traffic your website has, the faster we’ll gather data and be able to make changes)
    • how many sub-menu navigation items you have
    • how many times we’ll refresh the heatmap based on changes made to the website
    • whether we make the changes to your website or you make them

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