Set up Ecommerce

$450.00 exc. HST

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If you sell products or services from your website, the customer leaves your website to pay for their selections, and then are returned to your website.

You might see the dollar values of their purchases in Google Analytics, but when you go to dig deeper to understand which channel(s) are contributing to the sales (is the email newsletter you sent? The Google ads you are running?), everything is chalked up to the referral channel.

Worse yet… that referral source is …. You! Or maybe it’s PayPal, or Stripe… or whoever your ecommerce payment merchant is.

Let’s fix this so you can truly understand which channel(s) of traffic not only drive traffic but drive sales as well!

Let us know which CMS you use, and we’ll get you a quote on setting up ecommerce in Google Analytics.

PS – As an added bonus, we’ll set up tracking on your secondary menu items – e.g. once people click on Clothing on your menu… which item do they then click on in the menu that dropped down from Clothing? We’ll set you up so you have that data in Google Analytics 😊

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