Google AdWords

Want to be visible on Google immediately while you work on your content marketing for longer term organic visibility?

You can guarantee a spot in the top 4 listings of a Google Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) by engaging in Google AdWords. While the price has gone up since March 2016 due to changes in the SERP (namely 4 ads at the top instead of 3 and no ads on the right hand side), one can keep prices down by focusing on keywords lower in the buying funnel – that is, keywords that indicate the searcher is close to buying. Keywords that Graph depicting conversions from AdWordsplace a person higher in the buying funnel should be reserved for organic searches.

We will work with you to understand your business and conduct research on what queries we should target via AdWords. We’ll take care of the AdWords Campaign and make suggestions for website changes in order to deliver the best User Experience possible. We’ll even scope out your competition to see which keywords they are bidding on and check out their sites!

Many clients tend to keep us on board indefinitely either for AdWords or eventually switching some of their AdWords budget to other forms of digital marketing such as SEO or Facebook Advertising.

We do ask for a minimum of 6 months in order to get the best possible ROI for your business. The first month is consumed with setup and making sure that analytics is properly configured to measure our results. Once the campaign launches we may decide to tweak the geographic area to which it is shown and we will need to regularly add new keywords and enter negative keywords for which we do not want your ads to be visible – this is all part of the ongoing AdWords optimization that takes place after launch!

We will provide monthly reporting as per your requirements so you know how much you are spending and what you are getting for your money.

Best results usually come from a multi-pronged approach: learn from Adwords, apply that knowledge to SEO and thrown in a bit of Facebook advertising (if this is the right platform for your business. LinkedIn might be a better fit!).

Reach out and talk to us about your AdWords requirements and we’ll let you know how we can help!