Search Engine Optimization and Content Marketing

SEO today is about:

  1. Multiple methods of achieving online visibility
  2. Excellent user experiences
  3. Measuring everything you do to test for positive results and to aim for a positive Return on Investment of time and money.

Traditional concepts of “SEO” are disappearing as it has become far more difficult to rank for specific keyword terms these days, thanks to more paid features on the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), increased competition and the Knowledge Graph.

Having said that, several of DriveTraffic’s clients continue to enjoy either increased traffic and/or increased conversions (e.g. form completions that are essentially leads) despite changes in the Google landscape!

Check out this case study: How to Get 47% Higher Conversions in 30 Days or the graphs below from a client’s monthly dashboard – organic traffic is 34% higher year to date in 2016 than it was in 2015 and conversions are 169% higher year to date than they were in 2015!


chart depicting organic traffic growth

Organic traffic is 34% higher year to date in 2016 than it was in 2015!

Chart depicting organic conversions

Conversions are 169% higher year to date in 2016 than they were in 2015!

Our Approach to SEO

We start off by looking at your analytics – and if you don’t have analytics in place, then we set that up! We are experienced with WebTrends, Omniture, Google Analytics and some other analytics software.

We also rely on Google Search Console to get an idea of the keywords which are driving traffic currently and compare that to the business goals you tell us you are looking to achieve (for example, one therapist wanted not only more patients, but more patients by Skype. Wish granted!).

Once we know your business goals and what your baseline performance is, we outline a digital marketing strategy, which could include hefty content additions to your site, and we decide who is doing what – do you have a webmaster or will we be making the changes? Will you write the content or will we?

On Page Optimization

We tackle the low hanging fruit first – all kinds of technical improvements such as mobile optimization, site speed, site security, meta titles and descriptions, site architecture, rich snippets and structured data.

These strategies are as much about improving customer experience as they are about making search engines happy: better structured, faster sites are easier to use.

Once those are taken care of, we plan out the content that is needed to make you the online expert in your industry – we will review your competitor’s sites to further make sure you take the lead in terms of website presence.

Content Marketing

Content can help increase your visibility in Google but also serves as a means of building customer loyalty. People buy from those that they “know, like and trust” and content helps companies convey this information.

Content needs to be customer centric… anticipate and answer questions they have regarding the topic of your page. Content that meets customer needs as well as achieving high search visibility for relevant business solutions is essential.

Search Engineer Matt Cutts said brands that fail to use the words on their pages to answer search queries are missing out on SEO opportunities.

Measure, Continue or Alter Course

Each month we analyze your traffic to see if what we did is having the desired impact. We don’t measure rankings but instead focus on traffic and conversions (leads, sales, downloads – whatever a conversion is to you). Based on results, we continue doing what we were doing or slightly alter our course to get to the end goal – more business for you!