Outsourcing Your Google Advertising

$750.00 exc. HST

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Google Ads – formerly known as Google Adwords and Pay Per Click or PPC, is in constant flux. There are are always new interfaces, new tactics and new automated “things” (like automatically connecting your Google My Business to Google Ads) taking place. Not only do you or a team member have to do the day to day work, you have to keep on top of all of these changes!

It rarely makes sense to do this in-house when we have a team that can handle it for you. From set up to day to day management to regular reporting, we can do it all.

We understand your hesitation at turning your account over to an unknown entity (us) at this point… therefore we offer you a Google Ads Audit so you can see if we can find opportunities to do better than you are doing.

4 Reasons to Outsource Your Google Ads

  1. Cost – Generally, the cost of hiring a full-time in-house paid search team will far exceed the cost of outsourcing to a PPC Agency when you include salaries, software, and overhead expenses such as laptops and desks (you do know that every employee wants a standup desk these days, right?)
  2. Access to Software – Some of the tools that are most helpful in this industry are just cost prohibitive for a single company. We’ve got access to all the common tools – you don’t have to pay the exorbitant monthly fee for them to be helpful to your business!
  3. Knowledge – with the changing environment of Google Ads, it is also important to have a team that is up to date with all the recent updates and can implement these changes to your account when the timing is right.
  4. Flexibility – your staff member wants to take two weeks off… who will manage the account? Because we take a team approach to managing Google Ads, there is always someone looking at the account plus we back that up with automated alerts that notify us when something is awry.

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