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Put Your Google Ads On Steroids!

Dear Business Owner

If you’re tired of pouring time and money into Google ads and not getting the results you want… 

We know how you feel.

Making Google ads profitable for the average business owner is hard. Really hard. Learning Google ads can leave you stressed out and sleeping like a teething toddler. And to make matters worse…Rookie Ad Agencies who are more interested in locking you into a contract and taking your money…rarely get the results you need. If any of this sounds familiar…

We’ve got good news for you.

Soon you’ll be waking up every morning to an inbox bursting with eager-to-buy leads. More new customers will be flooding in on a consistent basis than you know what to do with…No matter what’s happening in the economy. You won’t be spending your weekends worrying about how you’re going to get customers anymore. Getting the quality leads you need at the minimal cost you’re looking for will be dialed in for you.

…Saving you time and money.

We also offer consulting to companies awarded the $10k monthly grant through Google Ads for Non Profits.

Darlene Moore

Owner of DriveTraffic since the early 90's …The NEXT-LEVEL Google Ads management company.

Generating Premium Quality Leads at Minimum Cost Since 2008 for Companies Such as:

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So-called ‘Gurus’, ‘Marketers’, and ‘Ad Agencies’ lie. But numbers don’t.


We generated $1,000,000 in over 453 industries for our clients in the last 5 years alone!

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Use DriveTraffic to get:

More Leads
More Sales
More Bookings
More Freedom

WITHOUT wasting time and money

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Instant results at your fingertips

We prioritize absolute transparency in communicating your results. Gain access to a dedicated dashboard, allowing you to monitor the performance of your ads at your convenience. As your primary point of contact, I, Darlene, am available for personal discussions about your account at any time. 

Maximize the untapped power of Google Ads in your business today

Most business owners are only using a tiny fraction of the hidden power of Google ads to generate buying leads at the lowest price for their businesses. We can deliver the following:


It takes a long time to navigate the complex world of Google ads. That’s time better spent growing your business and revenue. Leverage our 15 years of experience in running Google ads and get the results you want quicker and easier than you ever thought possible.


We have a track record of delivering outstanding results for our clients. You can deliver the quality leads you need at the best price per lead possible.


We have the skill and experience to optimize your ad campaigns for ultimate efficiency. Our next-level keywords, ad strategies, and bid strategies make sure you save money and maximize your profits.

Our simple 4-Step process for delivering a hassle free Google Ads campaign...

Intake form-kick-off call:

At this first stage we do a NO-OBLIGATION call to get a comprehensive in-depth look into your business. We take the time here to fully understand your business so we can deliver the best quality low-cost leads to you.

Strategy Time:

We can present you with the bespoke strategy we formulate for you to maximize the number of quality leads coming into your business.

Killer Conversion –Set up Google accounts:

Here we set up your Google accounts the right way and do all the conversion tracking to make sure you get super accurate data on the leads coming into your business.

Launch Time:

This is where the rubber meets the road and we start to generate profitable leads for your business. We keep tweaking and managing your campaign so you keep profiting.

Writing Meta Descriptions

Get the quality leads you need today without wasting any more time or money. No long-term commitment required.

Schedule a FREE NO OBLIGATION 20-minute discovery session


There is no lengthy contract like many other agencies. But we recommend 3 months to get a marketing strategy working.

You need a sufficient ad budget to get Google ads working for you. We can discuss that on the call.

YES, we can discuss other marketing strategies like email, landing pages, and social media marketing as they relate to the performance of Google ads.

I have 15 years of experience in Google ads management. I’ve worked with thousands of companies in that time frame and produced great results for most of them. See testimonials below.

You will have a dashboard you can log into at any time to see how your ads are performing. You will get 100% transparency in billing and spending.

Here’s what just some happy clients are saying about DriveTraffic

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Google Ads Setup Checklist

These are the minimum steps we go through when setting up a client’s Google Ads account. You are welcome to use this list to setup / manage your own account!

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