Google Ads for Non-Profit Organizations

Want to Maximize your $10,000 Ad Grant Money?

At DriveTraffic, we know it is a challenge for non-profits to stretch their advertising dollars and grow cause-awareness. A $10,000 monthly advertising grant for registered charities in Canada from Google Grants can make all the difference in the world. We can help with your Google Ads management.

In order for your non-profit to qualify for free AdWords advertising under Google Grants, it must be:

  • Registered with the CRA as a federal charity, a federal non-profit, or a provincial non-profit.
  • Registered with TechSoup Canada (Google’s global partner) before you can apply to Google for non-profits. It may take 7–10 business days for TechSoup to validate your organization and issue you a validation token, which you’ll need when registering your firm with Google for Non-profits.
  • An organization that is not a government entity, hospital, healthcare organization, or educational institution.

It’s one thing to qualify for the grant – and an entirely different thing to meet the strict criteria to keep it!

If you are wanting to manage your non-profit’s account on your own, you are going to need to follow some of Google’s rules for using their grant money:

  • You must use a bid optimization strategy called “Maximize Conversions”.
  • You must maintain a minimum 5% CTR (click-through rate) – a tall order in the competitive ad space!
  • Your Google Ads account must make use of geo-targeting tools.
  • Each Google Ads campaign must contain at least two active ad groups and each ad group must contain a minimum of two active text ads.
  • You must use a minimum of two site link extensions.
  • You must conform to keyword restrictions. No bidding on other brands’ taglines!
  • You must maintain a Quality Score of 2 or higher.

Why should you hire DriveTraffic to manage your Google Grants Advertising?

Not quite sure how to utilize the grant money to get the most of it? Nervous you might not successfully follow all of Google’s rules? DriveTraffic will help you get the absolute maximum benefit from the Google Grant funding and make sure you don’t lose it on a technicality.

Our extensive experience maximizing click-through rates, identifying target audiences, creating highly relevant content, and optimizing long term brand recognition means your Google Grant funding stretches even farther than you imagined. We’ll even submit your Google Grants project achievements to be considered for the showcase on Google’s page of international success stories!

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When you work with DriveTraffic for your Google Grants Advertising, you get:

  • Higher click-thru rates because we use the right keywords.
  • More qualified traffic because we match your keywords with customer intent.
  • Better conversion rates because we target different customer segments with different keywords.

Overall, we will give you continuously improving results and ensure long-term brand recognition by creating cause-awareness, boosting customer visits, and maximizing subscriptions and donations.

Need Help Keeping Your Google Ads for Non Profits Account Compliant?

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