Google Ads (formerly called Google Adwords) are essential to a growing business as they make you visible in the paid section of Google, which appears at the top and bottom of a Search Engine Results Page (SERP). There can be up to 4 ads at the top of page, followed by an ad in the Google Maps Section (plus 3 or 4 maps listings) before you get to the organic portion of Google – so even if you were “ranked #1” in Organic Google, you’d be so far down the page that you would receive very little traffic compared to what an ad could bring you!

While Google Ads are instrumental in generating good website traffic, at DriveTraffic Digital Marketing, we create advertising strategies which are focused on tangible results, leads, or sales, not just seeing yourself at the top of Google’s results.

Not sure how Google Ads can fit into your overall digital marketing strategy? We’re happy to offer a free consultation to answer your questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve heard about Google Partners for Adwords. Is that something you’re certified in?

Our senior Google Ads team member, Sandor, is indeed certified as a Google Partner. But more important than his certification is the passion and attention to detail he brings to every project. Being a Google Partner isn’t necessary or even relevant to delivering excellent service and results to clients. As our testimonials on LinkedIn can attest, our results-driven approach is paying off for clients again and again.

I’ve been doing Google Ads already on my own. Can you still help?

You bet! And we will build upon the progress you’ve made. Think of us as a natural extension of your team, your own off-site marketing department. We’ll take the notes and information you provide and address the metrics that will have the greatest impact on growth while you focus on what you do best: running your business. If you’re DIY inclined and just want a bit of a tune-up, we can provide an audit of your progress and make recommendations for you to continue on your own or we can provide additional training for you and your team to up your marketing game.

What if I want to change my Google Ads focus after a few months?

We understand! Businesses evolve and grow and we’re here to help make that happen. As a digital marketing consultancy, we value your feedback at every step of the way. Every month we’ll evaluate the results of your chosen keywords and audience, ready to tweak and adjust as needed to best reflect your goals. Not doing so could mean thousands in wasted advertising dollars – and that’s not our style. We will work together so you get the best bang for your buck.

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