Beat the rush of businesses migrating to Google Analytics 4.


On July 1, 2023, everything you know about collecting your online data will change.

Your Information will stop flowing into Universal Analytics as of July 1, 2023

GA4 is being promoted as an ‘upgrade’ of UA. This has not been our experience, as GA4 utilizes a new data model! It’s not just an upgrade – it’s an upheaval.   

GA4 is about different skills and different technology.

Your favourite reports will no longer exist.

Your favourite reports will no longer exist.

Make sure you're not left with holes in your data!

Leaving things to the last minute means:

Gaps in your company’s performance history.

Incomplete information to present to clients, managers, and even bank officials.

Inability to accurately measure the success of advertising and content creation efforts.

How Will GA4 Help Small

You can collect data from your website and apps under one property and analyze the customer journey across devices.

The data model has changed radically. GA4 uses a new type of measurement based on “events”, as opposed to the previous page-view measurement. Now all hit-types (including page views and transactions) are events.

 There will be fewer standard reports in GA4 compared to Universal Analytics but it will be easier to create custom ad-hoc analyses going forward.

A client recently reached out with the following concern:

The good people at Google (ha!) have sent me many a message that they’re going to sunset Universal Analytics in 2023 and are urging folks to convert over to Google Analytics 4. Everyone says it’s a simple process but I’m not sure I entirely trust myself with it. Eager to hear your thoughts.

This client isn’t the alone in feeling anxious and intimidated. Some of our clients have confided that they’re scared about the coming change. Migrating from Universal Analytics to GA4 is a complex, multi-step process. But DriveTraffic can take your hand and guide you every step of the way

Let Us Help!

Are you convinced that this is not something you wish to tackle on your own? Good call! We’ll make it as painless as possible for you. With our experienced team at the wheel, you will be able to maintain data integrity and continuity, plus gain valuable tools to provide feedback on marketing activities.

GA4 Migration Checklist

Audit Current Property

Create GA4 Account

Integrate GA4 Data with Other Platforms

Create Conversions in GA4

Implement Ecommerce Tracking

Identify Training and Reporting Requirements

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