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Struggling to make sense of GA4’s new interface? Let our expert consultants simplify your data analysis and boost your business performance.

Protect Your Business From GA4 Configuration Errors

While you struggle with your poorly set up Goog Analytics and its lack of dashboards, standard reports, and straightforward data visualization, your business may be facing serious consequences that are costing you more than investing in an expert GA4 consultant.

Inefficient marketing campaigns

Miscalculated business decisions

Poor leads acquisition

Customer dissatisfaction

Decrease in ROIs

Imagine being in front of the stakeholders and...

Presenting statistics you don’t fully understand,

Having no clue how your campaigns are performing,

Perplexed as to why the numbers are so different from last year,

Unable to identify a channel with the best cost per acquisition.

Seamless Operations → Costly Mistakes

Why Is It All Happening?

Beginning July 2023, Google sunsetted Universal Analytics in favor of Google Analytics 4 as the only option for Google Analytics users. It means that even if you did not migrate from UA to GA4, Google went ahead and did that for you. NOW you only need to optimize that configuration according to your tracking needs and stop it from adversely affecting your data.

Common GA4 Configuration Errors That Are Costing You Crucial Data:

Default Data Retention Setting

GA4 comes with a default 2-month data retention setting. This means your historical data and custom reports will be lost as soon as the 2 months are over. You can choose a 14-month setting or use a 3rd party tool such as BigQuery for indefinite data storage.

Failing to Layer With GTM

Many businesses used an internal resource to set up GA4, which may work for them but not efficiently. To enjoy GA4’s full capability, it is best to pair it with Google Tags Manager to manage tags like e-commerce tracking.

Dealing With Unlimited Dimensions and Attributes

When you are dealing with thousands of pages, differences can adversely affect GA4’s reliability. You can set a bucket with a few ranges of values. But make sure the ranges are compatible with your analysis goals.

Non-Segmented Audiences

GA4 is extremely efficient in its AI-based audience-building capabilities. Leverage GA4 audiences by creating target audiences such as subscribers, viewers, and buyers.

Default Dashboard

The most common complaint about GA4 has been its lack of a dashboard that made accessing basic reports straightforward in UA. You can custom-build your own GA4 dashboard according to your tracking needs and data preferences (and even make it exactly like your UA setup!).

From Intuition-Based to Data-Driven: Revolutionize Your Decision-Making With An Expert GA4 Consultant

Since 2022, we have been proficiently setting up GA4 for our clients, after learning from industry experts.
Navigate GA4 confidently with DriveTraffic’s extensive experience, knowledge, and expertise.

Configuration Audit

Our team will check your GA4’s current configuration for its competency with your unique data and tracking requirements.

Goals Alignment

We figure out your specific business goals, revenue attributions, and user properties for accurate and meaningful data collection.

GA4 Implementation

We will handle the technical aspects of implementation and create custom dashboards to access key metrics.

Data Reporting

Data is only valuable if utilized! With our data-driven visuals, interpreting metrics and optimizing your campaigns becomes hassle-free.

Ongoing Support & Maintenance

Access monthly performance reports and visual data analysis to streamline your marketing and achieve your business goals.

Unlock Your Data Potential With
Google Analytics 4 Consultancy & Ongoing Assistance

GA4 Audit, Optimization, And Monthly Reporting By DriveTraffic

Are you ready to accomplish your campaign goals? Because we’re ready to access all your data for you to maximize your ROI!!

We Help You Embark On A Route Toward Data-Driven Excellence So You Can…

Take advantage of GA4’s rich, user-centric metrics and insights for strategic decision-making.

Create highly customizable reports that cater to your specific business needs.

Streamline your marketing campaigns with intensive customer segmentation for a laser-focused approach.

Track user journeys across websites, apps, and other digital touchpoints under one property for effortless data analysis.

Enhance your marketing strategy through monthly reporting to ensure a consistent increase in revenue.

Leverage machine learning to predict metrics to improve customer retention and increase your ROI.

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