For Website Redesigns

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Is this the year that you redo your website? Whether you are reskinning, changing direction with your content or changing which CMS drives your website, it helps to have an SEO keep an eye on things!

We can’t count the number of times we get an urgent phone call (“our website traffic dwindled to nothing after our website redesign”) – hopefully it’s just the case that someone forgot to put the Google Analytics tracking code back on the site because if it is more than that… it could be a long journey to recover!

Book DriveTraffic BEFORE you finish your plans to redesign your website – we’ll make sure you do not lose your existing traffic and conversions (leads or sales).

Our Approach to Preventing Traffic Loss:

  1. Ensure your Google Analytics tracking is setup correctly
  2. Make sure your site is free of errors such as broken pages
  3. See which content has been most popular over the past year
  4. Identify which pages convert (drive sales or leads)
  5. Identify which pages are no longer receiving pageviews (signaling they need to be tossed or tweaked)
  6. Document current 301 redirects to make sure there are no loops with the new site
  7. Map out pages that will be removed or have their URLs renamed and set up redirects

Download our 3 part Most Common SEO Mistakes with Website Redesigns