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Email marketing does not have the same sexy ring to it that let’s say TikTok videos or Instagram Reels does – but it is often a better, cheaper marketing channel than the sexier-sounding comparisons!

Newsletters or email blasts are sent to audiences who have opted in to your mailing list (we’re not talking purchased lists here) – they have provided express permission for you to contact them. You also own this channel – you can see their name and email address and know who has received, opened, and interacted with your email. Social media channels, on the other hand, don’t tell you who saw your video, who engaged with it, etc. You can indeed remarket to this audience but you are doing so on a platform you don’t own and to unnamed people.

There are definitely instances where email and social channels work well together – like with Mailchimp’s ability to create lookalike audiences on IG so they will be similar to the audience you are emailing.

Newsletter audiences are typically familiar with your brand – after all, they likely opted into your newsletter from your website. This makes them a warm audience and therefore typically more receptive to hearing from you.

It is still important not to:

Email too frequently

Sell, sell, sell – provide value before asking for a sale or additional information from your audience

There are multiple components to email marketing, just like any other marketing channel:




Analysis of Results

And to get even greater success, integrate your email marketing into your overall marketing campaign. For example, if you are creating blog content notify your subscribers once that content is up. Add a freebie (or at least an invitation to join your mailing list) to your blog post to recruit those that read your blog to get on your mailing list. Share your blog post on social media and Google My Business. Create a quick video of you talking about the content of the blog post and newsletter and post it to YouTube plus share on TikTok and Instagram. The possibilities of re-using this content are endless!

Final tip – measure, measure, measure. You’ll want to integrate your email marketing software with a tool such as Google Analytics. Your email marketing software can provide reporting on deliveries, opens, and clicks – but they can’t tell you what that visitor does once they get to your website. This is where Google Analytics kicks in and can tell you if that person then visited multiple pages, bought something, filled out a form, or clicked out to a social media platform (if you are tracking this type of information).

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