Content Audit



Presumably you’ve read our blog post about thin content and are wanting help recognizing which of your content is doing well and which is not doing so well?

We’re here to help!

Here’s what we’ll do:

  1. We’ll crawl your website for a list of all pages of content
  2. We’ll get pageview information from Google Analytics for a specific period of time – e.g. one quarter, one year, etc.
  3. We’ll do some fancy dancy vlookups in Excel to merge these two pieces of data
  4. We’ll identify content with low to no pageviews
  5. We’ll identify the queries that people use in Google which triggers a specific piece of your content to be visible

We’ll work with you (we can’t do this without your input) to figure out how to rescue poor content. Ideas include:

  • Delete it (and create a redirect so you don’t have broken links)
  • Merge it with other content
  • Clean up what gets indexed so you don’t have duplicate content
  • Update content so that it answers questions that visitors have
  • Add a call to action so that people are encouraged to reach out to you

In order for us to do this work, you will need to have at least 3 months of data in Google Analytics and have Google Search Console set up. If you do not have these things, we can do them now and run the content audit in three months. The cost of a content audit is dependent upon how many pages you have and how many months/years of Google Analytics data you have. Ideally you repeat this process every quarter, twice a year or at least yearly, depending upon the size of your site.