Fractional Marketing Director Available

Interested in the DriveTraffic Email Marketing services?

What if you can have both for less than the price of an experienced CMO?

A fractional Chief Marketing Office can help with strategy and/or execution of your marketing plans. We can fill gaps when you have turnover on your team, leave of absence of your star marketing person or your company is growing but not quite ready to hire a full marketing team.

Ever hired someone to handle multiple roles in your company and they give their notice just a few months after being onboarded? It’s scary, frustrating and time consuming not to mention costly. When you hire DriveTraffic Digital Marketing as your fractional CMO, you have Darlene Moore, the founder of DriveTraffic Digital Marketing, to assist with your digital marketing strategy and we’ll put just the right people in place (part time or full time) so you don’t have to worry!

Perhaps you have the budget to hire a CMO but then would not have money to hire a marketing team or vendors to execute? We are an all in one package! We can provide freelancers or hire and train your own marketing team over time. We can remain on board for strategy and reporting of KPIs until you are up and running and we can phase out. We can be hired anywhere between full time and quarterly! states that the average CMO in Canada is paid an average of $129K per year. What can you do with $129K?

Not only do you not pay us benefits, we bring you the following benefits:

Scale faster

With a team in place already, we can start moving forward with your marketing projects immediately rather than waiting to hire and train.


Get your strategy from industry veterans and hire more junior people to execute under our leadership.

Greater ROI

You will get more for your money when hiring DriveTraffic Digital Marketing as your Fractional CMO compared to hiring a CMO plus multiple agencies.

Free up your time

DriveTraffic will act as the glue that brings all the different marketing employees, freelancers and vendors together to reach the same goal.

Build your internal team slowly

Take your time to find the right people to grow with your company.

Avoid turnover

We work as a team. If one team member is no longer available, we’ll have another team member fill in.

Fill in skill gaps

We are experienced in all aspects of digital marketing.

List of Gains

  1. Advise the CEO
  2. Strategy – identify the right marketing vehicles for your business and budget
  3. Execute on tactical marketing initiatives
  4. Human Resources – we’ll provide the talent to get you up and running in each of the marketing verticals required
  5. Hiring and onboarding of new team members
  6. Coaching/mentoring less-experienced marketing staff
  7. Reporting on KPIs, ensuring each marketing channel is achieving their goals
  8. Work with outsourced agencies if you have your own you’d like to use
  9. Build budgets, forecasts, and reporting systems to maximize the return on your marketing
  10. Free call to assess needs
  11. Generate Statement of Work
  12. White Label

About our Work

  1. Remote – We can work with you:
    • Weekly (two half days per week)
    • Monthly
    • Quarterly
  2. Communicate via Slack or email
  3. Provide monthly report across all channels
  4. Non-competing businesses
  5. SEO (technical and content)
  6. Google Ads including Shopping
  7. Website Design and Rebranding
  8. UX/UI Services
  9. Conversion Rate Optimization
  10. Email Marketing
  11. Social Media Marketing / Advertising


Darlene has remotely managed teams for Yellow Pages and Invest Ottawa / Digital Main Street. She has:
  • 9 months of managing 100+ people (marketers, UX/UI people, copywriters, graphic designers and web developers) in the Digital Main Street program at Invest Ottawa
  • 4 years of managing the most elite SEO Team at Yellow Pages
  • 20 years of digital marketing experience

Who you are?

  • You understand that delegating is the path to scaling
  • You are a numbers person – you want to know on a weekly basis what we spent and what the returns were
  • You understand that good marketing strategy may take months to generate an ROI
  • You want some fresh perspective; you are too close to your product/service
  • You’ve been unable to hire someone that is an expert in all areas of marketing

Ready to have DriveTraffic Digital Marketing as your fractional CMO?