Accountability and Web Analytics Consulting

So, you want to ensure a solid ROI on the money you invest in building or marketing your site. Well, you need to adopt a way of measuring it. The most common method is Google Analytics. Other popular options include Webtrends and Adobe Analytics (formerly known as SiteCatalyst or, by some, as Omniture).

But, know this: just having web analytics code on your site is not sufficient for measuring ROI. You’ll need to take a few extra steps, like being sure you are excluding the “spammy” referrers that typically represent your referral traffic and confirming you have goal tracking or ecommerce configured.

The tools are out there. Google Tag Manager can take your accountability to a whole new level, allowing for measurement of outgoing links on your site – like those that bring users to social media platforms, related sites or advertising banners.

But you still might need some help understanding the tools’ potential.

In this wild arena of site analytics, DriveTraffic knows the landscape. They can help you:

  • Setup or audit existing Google Analytics and/or Google Tag Manager.
  • Consult on year-over-year audits of all mediums of traffic and provide recommendations on how to make improvements.
  • Offer a comprehensive comparison of your desired organic traffic vs. what you are actually receiving.
  • Provide weekly or monthly configuration of Google Analytics reports.
  • Explain Webtrends reports, ultimately training you on how to read and configure them.
  • Create customized PDFs or Excel dashboards showing your month-over-month and year-over-year traffic – segmented by medium of traffic, city, or any other metric you want.

Accountability is the starting point of getting a return on your search marketing spend. We also offer services related to visibility, usability and credibility.

Drop us a line to let us know how we can help with your web analytics and/or to make sure you are able to measure your your Return on Investment from website marketing.