Digital Marketing Services

SEO - Digital marketing

Our number one goal is to drive more leads or sales from your website. How we get there will depend upon your industry, your site, and your individual business goals.

Digital Marketing is about:

  1. Multiple methods of achieving online visibility (SEO, AdWords, Facebook Advertising).
  2. Excellent user experiences.
  3. Measuring everything you do to test for positive results and to aim for a positive return on investment (ROI) of time and money.


What does it cost?

That depends on which services you need! Services start at $450/month, for a minimum of 6 months but reach out – let’s chat and see how DriveTraffic can help!

Who are we?

Check out our About Page! Note that I, Darlene, the business owner, will always be your point of contact.

How Long Does it Take?

Again, that depends on which services you require and where you are starting from. Sometimes we see that Google Analytics is not properly installed and needs to be fixed so we can be sure we are gathering correct data. Maybe you require 3 phone calls before we even get started. We work our butts off and will communicate with you every step of the way about what we are doing, what the deadlines are and what results you can expect when! We provide monthly reporting.

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