Tl;dr? (too long, didn’t read? Here are your options for getting to “being #1” in Google in 2020)

  1. Change Your Goal
  2. Pay Big Bucks
  3. Work Your Butt Off

Change Your Goal

That’s right – what easier way to score a goal than to move the goal posts?

More and more, Google aims to provide everything that searchers need to know right on their Search Engine Results Page. Here are some examples that you might use:

Do you use Google for:

  • mathematical calculations?
  • To determine the weather?
  • To convert currencies?
  • Find out the month and date of a specific holiday next year?
  • Get quotes for flights?

Rather than being #1 for one specific keyword phrase (which may or may not lead to clicks and which may or may not lead to new business), what about aiming to get more business through Google? That opens up a plethora of opportunities and is guaranteed to bring more success.

Now that we’ve changed the goal, the question becomes How to Get More Business (Customers, Clients, Leads) From Google

There are always at least three options – fast, easy or cheap

The Fast Way to Get More Traffic From Google

Google Ads – it’s not easy (unless you are experienced in this area) and it’s not cheap (unless you are a Registered Charity or a Non Profit and are eligible for Google Grants), but it sure is fast! See some of our previous tips and best practices around Google Ads.

Google Maps – The Easy Way to Be Found in Google

Definitely cheap. Not as fast as Google Ads but faster than Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Easy to do.

SEO – The Cheapest Way to Gain New Business

SEO is the least expensive method of gaining visibility in Google in the long run. One piece of content could make you visible for a multitude of phrases.

For one client in the real estate industry, their homepage was visible for 14,020 different phrases in a 16 month period! Of course some of those phrases are more qualified than others but even phrases that don’t drive traffic are valuable – it lets us know where we need to focus our efforts!

There are as many techniques for ‘improving your rank’ in Google as there are keyword variations. The right techniques for your website will vary based on your geography and industry but SEO breaks down into three major categories: technical, content and user experience. Over the coming months, we’ll expand upon each of these areas to help you get more business from Google.

SEO Breaks down into three categories: Technical, Content and User Experience. We’ll expand upon each of these as we head into 2020.