Digital Marketing Strategy


Are you a company or agency in need of an overall online marketing strategy before you get too far down one channel, spending money and not being certain of the results?

DriveTraffic Digital Marketing excels in this area! We’ll get to know you and your business, see what marketing channels you are using currently and how you measure success.

We’ll then tweak your Google Analytics (via The Google Dance) to make sure it is measuring soft and hard conversions and see how your current channels are performing.

We’ll ask about competitors and to have access to your social media platforms.

Then we’ll put our heads down and start strategizing… coming up for air and questions from time to time 😊

When we are finished our first draft, we’ll share our document with you and if you are ok with it, then we can present it to the rest of your team. We’ll tweak as new information comes in and then pull it all together and figure out who will do what… when.

We can deliver the strategy to you to execute or you can hand it to us to execute… or we can work with your team members to make sure they are clear on their role in the overall strategy and help them prioritize their tasks.

Either way, we are here to answer questions and measure progress as the strategy unfolds! In need of an overall digital marketing strategy? Let’s discuss!

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