I love learning…

As a matter of fact, I am self-taught in digital marketing! This did not exist in school when I started to work in the industry. Recently I came across a new app that I love. It is called Blinkist and allows me to listen (you can also read if you prefer), summaries of books that I choose. It is like Audible except shorter. You don’t pay per book either – you pay an annual fee and can listen or read to as many books as you like.

By comparison, you could listen to Brene Brown on Audible for free with a 7 day trial or pay somewhere in the vicinity of $15 per month and get enough credits for a couple of books each month if I recall. I found that I preferred to listen to a book while driving or walking long distance and I did not do that often enough to get through the books quickly enough.

Then I found Blinkist.

I Love Learning BlinkistThey offer “Blinks” – summaries of books – that are often around 10 minutes long. I am sure you do lose a great deal that a book has to offer when you listen to 10 minutes vs 10 hours, but it works for me. It’s a daily dose of learning. If I have to choose between 10 minutes and nothing at all (I cancelled my Audible subscription a while ago), I choose 10 minutes 😊

I love learning DriveTraffic Digital MarketingThis morning I listened to a 5 minute webinar on How to Optimize for Local Business Voice Search. This was put out by the Local Marketing Institute and I LOVE their webinars! They have a VIP Program which you can join free for 30 days but given that they have over 100 videos related to local marketing, you’ll likely want to continue your membership at $27US/month. I find the videos so informative that I often listen to them 2-3 times (ok let’s be honest, in a one-hour video, I likely lose concentration 3 times and miss things LOL). I sent them an email to say that if we could just listen to these videos offline, life would be perfect. 😊

What is your choice for ongoing education?

Do you read? Listen? Do you do so in the AM or PM? I am slowly learning Spanish for a few minutes per night before bed. I don’t know how I fit it all in my brain!