You got scared off of broad match so you are wondering why you should consider modified broad match? It is much less scary but is the way that I use it is really about the same as phrase match therefore you could just stop reading (right now) and stick to a combo of phrase and exact match!

But if you want to give it a try, let me give you some scenarios where I use it:

  1. The industry is new to me; rather than doing all kinds of keyword research to find keywords to add to the campaign (or AdGroup I should say), I want to get the campaign up and running as quickly as possible therefore I will build a whole bunch of AdGroups with only one or two keywords in them (that are modified broad match) and I will check daily or so on the actual keywords people entered into Google so that I can start adding those keywords as phrase match as well as adding in some negative keywords.

Modified broad match is noted with + for mandatory keywords and nothing (e.g. broad match) for words that are used to provide context or are suggested but not mandatory.

Example: +Conway builder – my ad will only be visible if the searcher’s query contains the word Conway. They could search for Conway manufacturer and my ad would show. I could then add “conway manufacturer” as a phrase matched keyword or “manufacturer” as a negative keyword (more on that in future).

I would set it up this way rather than taking the time to research all the different ways that people refer to Conway builder (e.g. Conway building supplies). I will slowly add more phrase matched keywords into my AdGroup once I know what people look for through the Search Term Report.