Version 34 of Firefox rolled out on Monday December 8. While new versions of Firefox are nothing new, there is a significant change in this version – Yahoo! is now the default search engine rather than Google!

According to Yahoo Tech, “while Yahoo takes care of search for users in North America, Russia-based users get Yandex, while those in China get Baidu.”

This change is expected to cause at least some decrease in ad revenue for Google as A) many people will either not realize the change or B) be too lazy to change their default search engine back to Google.

For Canadians, Google often represented 90% of organic search traffic – I will be curious to see how this changes in the coming months (it will take a very long time for a significant number of Firefox users to update to version 34 I suspect, therefore the likelihood of Yahoo conquering the world is slim at this point 🙂 )