Google recently added a new feature to the insights section of Google My Business – the ability to see the locality from which people request directions to your business.

In Canada this means that if you have enough volume of people requesting directions to you (which is most likely to be the case if you are a bricks and mortar business such as an optician rather than a business strategist that visits the offices of your clients), you can see the first 3 characters of the most popular postal codes.

What Can You Do With This Information? Plenty!

  • If you like to kick it old school, you could ensure that your paper flyers land either in areas that are not currently seeking directions from you (and perhaps specify options such as free parking behind your building or plenty of paid street parking right outside your door) or double down on the areas that are seeking directions. Keep in mind that Google Directions could be for a car, public transit, walking, bicycle, etc.
  • Use this knowledge to expand your Google Adwords advertising and make sure that you ads are being seen by those other areas that do not appear to be requesting directions – make sure to link your Google Adwords with your Google My Business account so that your address is seen on your ads!

How Do You Obtain This Information?

1. Log into Google My Business

2. Click Your Location

3.From the left menu select Insights

4. Scroll down until you find Directions

5. Set your timeframe to one quarter (currently the longest possible time frame) in order to see the most information.