Did you know that B2B buyers are already 50–60% of the way into the buying cycle before they’re even willing to speak to you? The already complex B2B buying behavior has been further complicated by the rise of online marketing. Most of the B2B buyers (81%) start their search for the product/company online. Your buyers now have virtually unlimited options available at their fingertips, which they can easily compare and shortlist before they decide to make contact. In fact, 90% of B2B buyers say they’ll find you when they’re ready to buy.

What Does this Mean for B2B Businesses?

According to the MIT report findings published by Marketingland, today’s consumer has gone “omni-channel”. Transitioning from Google to LinkedIn to Facebook to mobile to YouTube and other channels is now a seamless experience. That’s why brands must go omni-channel. It is particularly true for B2B firms, who need to build an impressive brand and instill a higher level of trust. You must have presence on all the major channels, and should make arrangements to generate leads from all of them. At the end of the day, it’s about being available and creating convenience when your buyers finally decide to contact you.

Top Channels for B2B Conversions184812

Emarketer recently reported that the highest B2B lead-to-deal conversion rates (3.63%) come from referrals. This is followed by websites (1.55%) and social media (1.47%). These stats should give you the idea that you need to generate a high number of leads in order to stay competitive and even viable. Averages can be deceiving though, and with these extremely modest conversion rates, you never know which particular channel might deliver the converting customer. Remember, your buyers will not contact you until they are already half way through the buying cycle. That’s wy it’s crucial for B2B businesses to have their lead generation networks spread over multiple channels. You should be everywhere, because that’s where your buyers are looking for information about your business, even though you may not know it. You need SEO, PPC, Social Media, email, blog…and you also need the three most effective B2B lead generation tools.

Webinars, Videos and Whitepapers as Lead Generation Tools

KissmetricsWebinars, explainer videos and white papers give detailed information about your business, product, and solutions to your buyers. This helps them evaluate your business and builds your brand image. They are also excellent tools for lead generation and conversion. Crazy Egg reports that Kissmetrics’ webinars average at $13,000 per webinar, thanks to an optimized Unbounce landing page and the following Call to Action (CTA) copy:

In another case study, Crazy Egg increased their conversions by 363% by creating an explainer video that demonstrated the working and benefits of their software. Similarly, professionally written white papers can also boost conversions dramatically if they talk about the right topics and offer value to your buyers.


There’s no single best channel that B2B businesses can rely on for conversions. They should try to create an omni-channel conversion network and automate it, if possible. It is equally crucial to test you conversion pages and keep a close eye on the analytics, so that you may make the necessary adjustments in a timely and responsive way.