I’ve been reflecting on the wonderful contacts I made this past weekend at BlogJam Atlantic, the things I learned and what did the other attendees take away from my presentation?

What I Learned:

  • I loved hearing from Julie Cole of Mabel’s Labels about the importance of actually CONNECTING with your followers and not just talking AT them
  • Rebecca, of a Bit of Momsense, said it’s ok to pitch! If you don’t like my pitch, blame it on her 😊
  • I actually learned about some cool tools while sitting in on Jason Tremere’s SEO workshop – I’d love to sit down and chat SEO with him for hours… I think we’d make a great team 😊

Something That Surprised Me

  • So many sites are still using http: rather than https!
  • More bloggers have Google Analytics set up than I anticipated. They might not know how to read reports all that well but at least they are collecting data to be analyzed at a later date!

What Attendees of My Session Took Away  

NOTE: If you were not able to attend my session but would like a copy of the presentation and the tips that go along with it, you can opt in to receive that information at: https://drivetraffic.ca/blogjamatlantic









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