1. Choose a topic that is either directly related to your business or will resonate with your customers.
    1. You can get some ideas from Google Search Console (GSC) if you have it set up for your website.
  2. Be sure your content delves into the things people want to know about that topic
    1. Again, you can use GSC but you can also use
    2. People Also Ask
  3. Add an image (or a video!)
  4. Early on in your content, link out to another page or article on your website that is related to this piece of content or that somehow supports it. It can be difficult to do in the beginning but interlinking is essential.
  5. Ensure your content has a Call To Action (CTA) in at least one location – it could be at the bottom but could also be midway, off to the side, etc.
  6. Create content clusters with topics and sub-topics. SEMRush offers this in their toolset:
  7. Make your content easily scannable by using:
    1. Headings
    2. Bullets
    3. Small paragraphs
    4. Hyperlinks
  8. Share on social media
  9. Measure! If your goal is to have people complete your contact form, you can determine if this new page you have created contributes to that action. If not, make changes to either the content, the interlinking or the call to action to help funnel visitors towards your contact form.
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