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The Role of SEO in E-Commerce Optimization

With studies indicating that more than 80% of shoppers do online research before making a purchase, being visible is critical to e-commerce optimization. Your customers need to find you first in order to buy from you rather than your competition. Over the years, research has shown that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the most cost-effective ways of driving traffic to any website. Take a look at your website analytics. Organic search is likely to be a top source of quality traffic and sales.

Our SEO experts share 3 tips to attract qualified leads and improve conversion rates:

  1. Optimize your site for keywords and images: The right target keywords bring your products up during customer searches. SEO best practices recommend including words or phrases related to the main keyword or phrase of your product pages to helps attract more visitors. This is because prospects are likely to use a different combination of words during their searches. Recent search trends also indicate that images with rich descriptions are becoming important to attract the younger generation of shoppers that prefer visual searches. Needless to say, you must ensure your site is mobile-friendly.
  2. Pay attention to your content: Credibility and trust are important to shoppers. A closer look at your analytics tools will show that most visitors will check your ‘About Us’ page and social media profile to learn more about your company. Creating the right impression requires making a connection and providing proof that you are trustworthy. A personalized message from the owner or top official, a ‘Meet the Team’ section, and trust symbols, all serve to build credibility and confidence in your brand.
  3. Post on social media regularly: A strong social media presence is essential to creating and maintaining brand positioning. Upload valuable content regularly in the form of special offers, news or tips, to improve visibility and increase your following. Refer to your analytics to determine the best time to post so that your content is visible.

SEO determines how many customers find you!  At DriveTraffic, we do not just measure rankings but traffic and conversion rates as well. Our holistic approach to digital marketing includes analytics, on page optimization, and content marketing. We analyze results monthly to determine if our SEO strategies are delivering the results you want, and tweak them accordingly.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Canada and our SEO experts are happy to assist you in optimizing your e-commerce website and online brand. Contact us today for more information.


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