Across the world, restaurants have been forced to close their doors to diners and allow only drive-thru or takeout. Savvy restaurant owners are offering curbside pickup for those that do not want to enter the restaurant.

Getting the word out through social media, Google My Business is a start – but there is more!

Customers are asking Google if it is safe to get takeout. We are seeing new videos about wiping down items brought in from outside the home (such as groceries and pizza boxes). Restaurants need to assure customers that not only is getting takeout or delivery secure, their restaurant in particular is safe (and what precautions the business is taking to ensure this is the case).

Here is what people are searching for according to Google Trends:

  1. is it safe to order food
  2. is it safe to order takeout
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  4. is it safe to eat out
  5. is it safe to order delivery
  6. is it safe to order food during Covid-19
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  8. is it safe to order food during Covid-19
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  10. is it safe to eat fast food during Coronavirus
  11. is it safe to order food from restaurants

Google Trends won’t show the searches relevant to your restaurant (unless maybe you are a national chain) but people are most likely asking about your restaurant or restaurants in your city. Don’t rely on someone else to advise your customer – TELL THEM YOURSELF THAT IT’S SAFE TO EAT AT YOUR RESTAURANT!

  • That’s right, create a page on your website that assures customers it is safe to eat at your restaurant. Mention that have options such as walk-in and take out; call ahead and pick up at the curb; Skip the Dishes, Uber Eats, new services that are popping up in each city, etc.
  • If you prefer that customers use one service over another (because maybe that service is not charging restaurant owners during the pandemic), feel free to mention your preference! Customers want you to stay in business and have the option to use that service or not.
  • Talk about the procedures you take with each order, each hour, each day to ensure the safety of your customers.

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