Planning Your KPIs – What Does Success Look Like For You?​

The question of “what would you like people to do on your website” or “what action would you like people to take” is a surprisingly difficult question for business owners to answer!

Looking at traffic to your site is not enough as there is a difference between quantity and quality.

The channel that drives the most quantity may not be the channel that drives the highest quality of traffic.

How do you measure quality?

That is the question that varies from one business or website to another! There are several indicators (Key Performance Indicators anyone?) that demonstrate a visitor is potentially engaged (beyond the obvious where they make a purchase or complete your contact form):

  • File Download – perhaps you have PDFs on your website? Someone who downloads one of these would appear more engaged than someone who does not
  • Clicks Away From Your Domain – this might be a good thing (e.g. if they are going to your social media platforms or an external booking site) but it may also be a bad thing as you may have lost them forever -> It’s important to track the difference!
  • Video Progress – wouldn’t it be helpful to know which of your videos get the most views? And the least?
  • Add to Cart
  • Form Completion
  • Clicks on Email Addresses or Phone Numbers

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