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4 Easy Steps To Improve The Visibility Of Your Content In Google

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Page Titles

The page title should :

  • Accurately reflect the content
  • Include unique information at the front
  • Not use any separator characters
  • Be between 51-60 characters in length

Get more details on crafting successful SEO page titles here.


  • Keep your meta descriptions to a max of 150
  • Ensure inclusion of meaningful keywords and accurate reflection of the page content
  • Each page has a unique meta description

Get more details on writing effective meta descriptions here.


  • H1 is the most important – be sure to use it
  • H2 and maybe H3 could be deemed important in
  • Keep your headings in order – H1 through H6 – no jumping from H2 to H4 for example

Get more details on effective page headings here.


  • Every time you publish a new piece of content to your website, ensure it links to existing pages of your site using relevant anchor text
  • Once new content is published, update existing content to link to this new piece, using relevant
    anchor text

Get more details on internal linking here.

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