Google is testing (or apparently has been for some time) a new layout on their SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) that looks like the previous “local pack” (usually 7 local listings plotted on a map) but this time it is three and if you notice the small print… THEY ARE PAID LISTINGS!

We have been blessed by having Google as a free service for so many years but more and more Google is showing information on their SERP so you don’t have to click through to a site (type in the name of any actor to see what I mean) – this of course is not fantastic for many business owners.

There are constantly new ways to be visible (or to stand out from the crowd) in Google using AdWords and this is just one more example.

Read more at Local Search Forum or Dr Pete’s Guide to the Changing Google SERPs.

I have yet to see this in Canada – has anyone else? Most new Google features are tested in the US before ever making it to Canada or other countries 🙂