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The Legal Industry: Challenges and Opportunities

Law offices, from high powered firms to small solo entrepreneur ventures, face steep competition and an increasingly value-conscious customer base. While many lawyers, firm managers, paralegals, and legal assistants know that digital marketing (Google Ads, SEO, social media) is a critical part of attracting customers, they are less confident about how to assess and measure their success. 

Our first step is to perform a comprehensive website audit to assess your online marketing strengths and weaknesses, reveal areas that are due for improvement, define your long term goals and identify your quick wins. We’ll make sure your Google Analytics and Google Search Console accounts are properly set up. We will help you understand what your target audience is searching for at Google and outline the steps we’ll take to so you drive more traffic and more leads across your range of practice areas through increased search visibility combined with a better user experience once they reach your website. 

Search Engine Optimization Strategies for Lawyers and Law Offices 

What does it take to pull together a successful internet marketing plan for your law office? Many people think that search engine optimization is nothing more than inserting a few meta tags on a webpage to get a website to appear at the top of search results. However, the process is so much more nuanced than slapping together some keywords! While we love to see high ranking results, that isn’t our main priority (what if you are #1 but they don’t click? What if several of your conversions come from a page that is not so well ranked but appears to resonate with searchers?).  We want to make sure that the RIGHT page is ranking well. We want you to get the results that matter – that will handsomely pay off in terms of ROI. It’s not just about appearing at the top. It’s about getting website traffic which funnels down, creating more leads and more clients.

Great SEO work is never about applying a one-size-fits-all plan. As a boutique consultancy, we know that each office needs its own unique strategy which reflects its goals, client base, and values. But no matter your size or focus, a well-run SEO campaign can be one of your best sources of new leads and cases. And that’s not all! SEO campaigns can also focus on increasing web traffic, enhancing visibility, generating publicity, reducing stress, and improving costs-per-case. We have a diverse team of experts need to address your needs and pivot as your strategy evolves and matures. From user experience to on-page optimization Google Ads to website redesign, we have the tools to support you every step of the way.

Making a Difference With Google Ads

Law offices have traditionally been early adopters for combining technology and advertising. In fact, the legal field was one of the first professions to fully embrace radio and television ads. However, mastering Google Ads has often proven more difficult. Unlike radio and television advertising, the content driving Google Ads has to be much more target audience specific in order to hit its mark. But there’s a flip side as well. Google Ads also provide a wealth of information that radio and television could only dream of. With our sophisticated setup, we can track every move your potential customer makes after clicking on your Google Ad. From the time they spend on your website to the bottlenecks where their interest drops, we can monitor and respond to your advertisement-driven traffic in a way that radio and television can only dream. 

Smart, responsive Google Ads aren’t just about clever design. At DriveTraffic, our number one goal is to help you get more clients through increased leads. We will take the leads that come through Google Ads and provide concrete, specific information on where they came from, who is interested in your services, how to follow up on the information, and what you need to do to generate more of the same. As a Google Ads specialist, we take full advantage of all the tools that Google offers, including setting up Goals and utilizing Tag Manager, to give you the best possible results. 

Keeping Up with KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

Google Analytics tracks them as page views and unique visitors. You know them as your future clients. They’re the people who visit your website – and Google Analytics keeps a running count, recording how long they stay on each page, how many of them are coming back for return visits, where they are from, and even what links they’re clicking on. This is a critical part of measuring a campaign’s KPIs, but as much as we love statistics and charts, what we’re really looking at are landing pages that convert. 

In our world, a conversion is a completed form, an email address being clicked, or a phone number being clicked on using a mobile device. We cross-reference this data with the information from Google Search Console which associates keywords with specific landing pages. The end result is custom data telling us the percentage of conversions on each page type – such as the home page, the about page, the blog page, and so on. Not only will you know what pages are generating the most successful client leads, but you’ll also see which are converting and performing the most poorly.

If you are looking for more clients, let the DriveTraffic Team help you to drive more traffic to your website and increase your leads. Let’s Chat! 
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