JaneApp GA4 Compatibility

Integrating JaneApp and GA4

Our physiotherapy client forwarded an email to us today that JaneApp has finally become
compatible with GA4 (we mentioned JaneApp in a post about the ongoing challenges of GA4 in
February) . Their documentation appears to have a couple of errors in it so we
are testing with our physio client and will document any changes you should be aware of.

The first thing that I noticed which I would do differently is the recommendation to create a new
GA4 property for JaneApp; assuming that everyone already has a GA4 property for their
website, I created a new data STREAM rather than a new property. We have seen with UA or GA3 that when JaneApp is it’s own property, all conversions (bookings) appear to have been
referred from the website as cross domain tracking was not supported. This means that
advertising efforts such as Google Ads would never receive credit for bookings.

The adaptation that we have in place is to track outbound clicks to JaneApp from the client’s
website – call this intent to book rather than an actual booking. A comparison of GA data and
client actual bookings shows that almost all people who click out to JaneApp book an

We provided our client with the new GA4 stream code to apply to their Wix website and we will
need to create a custom event in GA4 and see how things are working and if any further
changes are required for actual bookings to show up in GA.

Update as of June 22nd, 2023

GA4 Expert Hridoy indicated that there are actually disadvantages to using a separate stream for JaneApp, namely we’ll not be able to see the original source of a conversion (e.g. traffic comes from Google Ads to the website and then the customer goes on to JaneApp. We are not going to see Google Ads as the source of conversion.

So we changed the GA4 code in JaneApp to be the same stream as the website and will report back tomorrow on what we are seeing!

Update: Cross Domain Tracking

We’ve gone with the same stream in GA4 but have implemented cross domain tracking since
the client’s website domain is different than their JaneApp URL.

Without cross-domain tracking set up, Google Analytics will:

  • report the same user as two different users (one user visited the client’s website,
    and a different user visited their JaneApp URL).
  • Treat the user session that spans across


When the cross domain is set up it passes a _gl parameter to its other domain URL like this:

According to the JaneApp documentation, after adding the GA4 Measurement ID to
Janeapp, we need to create a custom event (We called ours appointment_booked) based on
the condition:

page_location contains /appointments


Jane App Configuration

The Janeapp successful booking URL is like this:

According to the conditions of our custom event, a successful booking should fire this even
in GA4. This indeed is what happened when visiting the successful booking URL but upon
visiting other pages of the website, we noticed it was again firing the event! The next day
(because GA4 has a reporting delay), the event count was showing double! Repeated testing
brought about the same results. Whether this is a bug on the part of the website or JaneApp
is unknown.
The solution we used and which appears to be working:

1. event_name equals page_view
2. page_location contains /appointments/

config for jane app

You could also set another parameter if desired:
page_title contains ………

We are going to test this on a few more websites and then will create a summary guide /
cheatsheet for downloading! Drop us a line if you would like to share your
experience tracking bookings with JaneApp!

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