Case Study

How Utilizing SEO Best Practices can Increase Organic Traffic & Revenue

The Problem

  • This DIY real estate company was referred to DriveTraffic from their Google Ads agency to help them increase organic results (website traffic, revenue, signups).
  • At the time, Australia was dealing with the wildfires and the emergence of COVID-19. We needed to find a way to achieve organic results despite these real-life events that were occurring simultaneously.

The Plan/Process

  • To increase organic traffic, we decided to focus on SEO best practices on their website, starting with optimization of underperforming pages.
    • We started with high level content, making sure they had all of the necessary content that a potential customer would need. Where the high level content was present, we added deeper, more specific content that was related to what was going on in Australia (e.g. how to do an open house during a pandemic)
    • Incorporated Call to Actions on their website.
    • Added and optimized images.
    • Interlinked pages.

The Results

Revenue from organic traffic increased by 51%*

Client registrations from organic traffic increased by 10% while registrations through paid search (not managed by DriveTraffic) declined 8%.

Property listings from organic traffic were up 13%.

Through a process of small changes to our client’s website that were based on SEO best practices, we were able to increase organic traffic and revenue even in a time of national turmoil.

By incorporating COVID-related content into our client’s website, we ended up appealing to new audiences, including landlords who were curious about tenants’ rights. This brought a new type of traffic.

*Other channels, including Google Ads, did not see an increase in revenue during this timeframe.

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