Everyone knows that video is the king of content these days and IG just officially validated that. Learn more tricks for IG success.


  • IG recently made a press release saying they are not JUST a photo-sharing app
  • They are competing with TikTok and therefore you need to focus on video content
  • You cannot just rehash TikTok videos as videos with watermarks underperform compared to videos without watermarks
  • Focus on reels, IGTV, stories, and of course your bio

Those who do IG marketing on a daily basis already knew this, but Instagram recently announced that they are “no longer just a photo-sharing app” and that in order to compete with TikTok and YouTube, they would be placing greater emphasis on video content. They would also be changing the algorithm to have a more organic reach; this means that there is a greater chance that people who do not follow you may actually see your content. Greater organic reach makes you more discoverable!

For those who have been focusing on reels since their introduction in 2020, and stories and IGTV back in 2016 and 2018, you are already on the right track! For the rest of us marketers…. Video, video, video.

IG has been more specific about what to focus on:

  • Make your video content scroll-stopping – as people are scrolling through videos (just like we do on TikTok), your video needs to compel them to stop and take a look.
  • Clear Calls to Action – Help your followers take action when they see your post by providing a Call to Action that encourages them to save or share.
      • The more followers you have, the greater reach you will have with future content
  • Make your content 100% watch-worthy – Instagram prefers content that users will watch all the way through – and maybe even replay – in addition to content that generates likes, comments, saves, and shares. Create shorter reels that keep the viewer’s attention and make them want to watch over and over again!
  • Make use of popular trends and audios – IG tracks signals such as the audio track, the popularity of the reel. The social media platform also shows users reels that are similar to the content they have recently engaged with. What are the trends that your target audience is watching and/or listening to?

And What to Not Do:

  • Use watermarked reels (e.g. from TikTok)
  • Use banned hashtags
  • Use low-resolution videos
  • Focus on political issues (as entertaining as that might be!)

Some Ideas to Keep it Fresh

  • Show some behind the scenes footage of your business
  • Check the trends on reels – especially new songs and reel formats
  • Share customer testimonials
  • Use lots and lots of stories – note that hashtags don’t do much in stories anymore but new stickers can help
  • Change up your hashtags – don’t just copy and paste the same previous hashtags
      • The current recommendation is 8-15 hashtags per post as opposed to the previously recommended 30.
  • Get rid of inactive followers as IG tracks how active users are
  • Update your bio so that it speaks to your audience. You can use URL tagging to tag your IG profile URL and have an idea (using Google Analytics) how many people click on it

2 things that might work in your favour:

  1. The latest IG algorithm wants to find compelling content from a wide array of people – even those with very few followers. You too can get your content to go viral so long as your content is entertaining.
  2. Instagram avoids showing too many posts from the same person in a row – post more engaging reels and engage with your followers rather than posting more content that is less entertaining.

5 Things To Help You Rank On Your Followers’ Feed:

  • Post when the majority of your followers are online – this can be tough as not all scheduling software allows you to schedule reels for example
  • Always add a location
  • Engage with your followers more & they’ll see your post on top next time
  • Use Instagram Insights to see which of your posts and content worked the best; what are the common denominators between these pieces of content? Do more of this!
  • Follow people in your industry (even if they are not local) and see what they are doing… what captures your attention the most? Imitate them 😊 (imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, right?)

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