How Estheticians, Hairdressers and the Beauty Industry Should do SEO During a Pandemic

How Estheticians, Hairdressers and the Beauty Industry Should do SEO During a Pandemic

Just like I mentioned while writing a similar article for bodyworkers, you may be wondering why it would make sense to do SEO if you are unable to see clients. Chances are you should have been doing this all along but now you might just have a bit more time to do so 😊

If you typically offer manicures and pedicures or even electrolysis to clients, you may be wondering how you could ever provide valuable content on your website – if you are closed, you are of no value to your customer, right?

Wrong! Google has created a Coronavirus Search Trends portal and some of the top questions in the beauty industry include:

  • How to cut men’s hair at home
  • How to remove gel nails at home

Your customers need you! Teach them how to maintain their beauty regimes at home and they’ll be grateful!

What Kind of Content to Create

What problems are your customers likely to face?

  • Nail polish growing out
  • Facial hair growing in
  • Bangs getting in their eyes

Create content that helps your customers bridge the gap of time between now and when they can see you (it could be a month for all we know!).

If you have inventory you want to sell (whether you sell online or offer delivery or curbside pickup), push that in your social media and on your website.

People have time as they are stuck at home so TEACH them what to do – e.g. use a nailpolish colour close to what you received at the salon and just paint the gap between your cuticle and the gel nail or link to products that they should buy online such as products to remove gel nailpolish or nail dryers – set up affiliate links with sites such as Amazon so you get a small kickback when people click on the links from your website, social media or newsletter to the website where they can purchase the products you recommend.

Don’t worry that people will not come back to the salon – they had the ability to do their nails on their own all along but chose to come and see you – and they will again, especially if you have remained top of mind and offered valuable advice while they are home.

One hairdresser I know (Hi Sarah Cross!) in Ottawa has been doing Facebook Live videos at least once per day, demonstrating on her own hair, a mannequin and a family member. This content should also be on the website in order to reach an even larger audience!

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