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How Does Search Generative Experience (SGE) Impact Local Search Results?

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AI has made its way to search engines! Google’s Search Generative Experience (SGE) allows users to quickly find a page’s key points without visiting the page itself. If you are new to Google’s Search Generative Experience, check out our introduction to SGE.

Impacts of Google's Search Generative Experience for Businesses

Here is a quick overview of what businesses need to know today about SGE and its impact in Google’s search engine, including Google Maps:

  • Search Generative Experience results may appear before Google Maps listings, pushing your visibility down.
  • Local SGE results take up a lot of space. They’re colorful, comprehensive and don’t necessarily encourage you to scroll down for further information. 
  • SGE can enrich traditional local pack listings by including additional relevant businesses (based on the search query).
  • SGE allows for more specific comparisons of businesses, making reviews more important than ever. SGE shows business descriptions, images, and reviews in results. This makes it even more important that these are up-to-date and relevant.
  • With SGE leading to potential declines in organic website traffic, the importance of a well-maintained Google Business Profile has never been greater. Updated information, robust reviews, and relevant content are now pivotal. 

Your aim should be to appear in both SGE and Google Maps. The listings in each are not 100% identical, so make the most of both!

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What Does SGE Look Like for Local Search Queries?

While we are not yet seeing this in Canada, Google is letting us know what we can expect once SGE is launched.

 According to Google, “SGE will provide context about local places, using AI-powered insights that make it easy to compare and explore options.” 

Expert SEO’s from the U.S. have shared these details about SGE and local search:

  • SGE results appear in a colored box, with the caveat “Generative AI is experimental. Info quality may vary.”
  • Results show a 5-pack that looks similar to the existing local pack.
  • The 5-pack has a short description next to each pack result; this sometimes includes reviews.
  • Clicking on individual listings prompts a knowledge panel; clicking on one of the carousel items brings the user to the business’s website

Frequently Asked Questions about SGE and Local Search

Do Google Maps Still Show?

Currently, SGE is shown in addition to the traditional Google Maps listing. There can be quite a bit of overlap between SGE results and Google Maps results.

SGE results include business descriptions, photos and reviews; therefore, it is imperative that these items are as optimized as possible. Ideas to help optimize your Google Business profile.

Key Strategies For Local Businesses To Thrive With SGE

While we still have more questions than answers when it comes to SGE, business owners can prepare by going through their Google Business Profile and ensuring that everything is up to date and optimized. This includes optimizing business information, descriptions, photos, and reviews. 

Doing everything that Google loves will put you in a good place to benefit from SGE when it launches! If you’re unsure of what to do to optimize your profile, check our 15 point checklist.

How are local search results pages (SERPs) changing with SGE?

We have seen that domain authority is a very important indicator in SGE visibility – keep that in mind while optimizing your Google Business Profile. You need to continually be seeking links to your website, and this will in turn improve your ability to be seen in SGE results.

Continuing to keep domain authority a priority should help you benefit from SGE launching.

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