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The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Google’s New Jobs Search Engine

Google recently announced it would open up its jobs database for other organizations to list jobs.

Here’s my preliminary assessment of the search engine:

  • Currently, the only jobs I see posted are from Google. Of course, that will likely change over time – and it’ll be interesting to see who starts advertising their jobs in the Google jobs database.
  • There are no jobs posted in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
  • However, Google does have jobs posted for Montreal and Toronto.

Good news for job seekers

Once it’s really up and running, this tool will be beneficial to job seekers, because they will only need to go to a single website to find jobs from all over the world.

It will be of most benefit to those working in IT. That’s because the first companies who post jobs to Google Job Search will likely be progressive technology leaders—the types of companies that appeal to high tech job seekers.

The tool will also be useful as a “one-stop shopping tool” for recruiters and employers seeking employees – especially if they are recruiting from outside their city. That said, this may be only of short-term benefit in the tech industry.

Bad news for job aggregators

For job aggregator sites like Workopolis, Monster and Indeed, Google’s latest news may spell the end of business for them.

Why? Because those aggregator sites charge fees to list jobs on their sites – whereas Google’s listings will be free.

Until Google makes their site more functional, other job aggregator sites have nothing to worry about – you can’t even set an alert on future jobs at this point!

Ugly news for recruiters and employers (well, kind of)

Okay, maybe this isn’t “ugly” news per se.

But recruiters and employers are going to need a bit more technological know-how to list their openings on Google Jobs.

That’s because they will need to use jobs posting schema on their site, and then submit the feed to Google.

Unless they already have IT specialists on staff, that learning curve is going to take time for recruiters. And so, it may be a while before we see job postings from certain companies.

Need help?

If you are a recruiter or employer, here are some resources to help you with posting to the Google jobs database:

Job Postings (Google)

JobPosting (

Using Schema Language to Mark Up Job Posting (nickennaweb)

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