Google Adwords has offered suggested keywords for a very long time – the process was helpful in that it decreased the amount of typing required but I rarely used 5% of what they suggested as I try to limit my keywords to those suggesting intent to purchase.

Starting after April 29, 2018, Google is going to suggest variants of your existing ads. You will find these “on the Recommendations page, and can choose to manually apply or dismiss them. Depending on your account settings, you’ll get an alert in AdWords and receive a corresponding email every time we suggest new ads. You’ll have 14 days from the notification to review them, after which the ads will be automatically enabled unless you choose to remove them.”

Bolded part is courtesy DriveTraffic 🙂

The email from Google goes on to say “These ads will be created based on information you’ve provided in your existing ads, such as your headlines, descriptions, ad extensions and relevant information found on your ads’ landing page. You can edit, pause or remove ad suggestions at any point, though we recommend waiting until they have enough impressions to give you confidence in the ad group-level results.”

By default, select accounts will start to receive ad suggestions after April 29 – this means that if you do not act on these ad suggestions, they will be put into play automatically after 14 days. Keep in mind that these ads are not created or reviewed by a human, but rather through artificial intelligence.

This means you need to stay on top of your account at least every 14 days; also what does this mean if you have enabled the setting to “show all ads equally”? I prefer that setting  (although Google does not as it wants to use AI to guess which ad is best to show to the viewer) as I would like all ads to receive equal impressions and I weed out the ad with the lowest Click Through Rate (CTR).

If you prefer not to have to babysit your account every 14 days (scary proposition), you may opt out of automatically applying recommended ads in your account settings. If you have a manager account, you can opt out accounts in bulk by going to “Management” on the Accounts page.