Meetup: Google Ads Grant for Not-For-Profit Organizations (Charities in Canada)


Date: Thursday, November 14th, 2019Google Ads Grant

Time: 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM

Cost: FREE

Location: Ottawa Public Library, Emerald Plaza – 1547 Merivale Rd. Nepean, ON.

Hosted by: Osamu W. from Web for Nonprofits

Guest Speaker: Darlene Moore, DriveTraffic Digital Marketing



We want to help you effectively manage the Google Ad Grant for Nonprofits. With this grant, you can spend up to $120,000 next year in Google’s advertising dollars, all to help you multiply your digital impact.

Learn how to get the Grant and optimize for impact. In this seminar, designed for all levels, you’ll learn:

• What is the Google Ad Grant — and why it matters
• How to apply for the Ad Grant
• How to set up a successful Google Ads account from scratch
• Key policy requirements and tips for account management

Whether you’re just learning about the Ad Grant or you already have it but want to use it more effectively, our course will give you simple, actionable steps to increase the impact of your nonprofit SEM strategy.

You’ll learn how to use Google Ads to:

• Drive more leads
• Gain more volunteers
• Earn more supporters
• Capitalize on your existing content
• Build awareness about your cause

Speaker’s Bio: Darlene Moore has been working in digital marketing since the early 2000’s. She started in SEO but spends time between Google Ads, SEO and Google Analytics these days. When not on a computer Darlene likes to hang out in her hammock with her dog Shaggy.


Non Profit Clients We Have Worked With:

Accreditation Canada
Health Standards Organization
Retired Teachers of Ontario