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Advertising Botox on Google Ads – Can You Do it?

You set up your Google Ads campaign and bam… got shut down for using the Botox trademark and now you are wondering if it is possible to advertise your Botox service at all?

The short answer is YES but “the policy varies by country“. In most parts of the world, Google does not allow the use of prescription drug terms in ad text, landing pages, or keywords. In select countries however, Google allows certified advertisers to bid on keywords containing prescription drug terms (see a non-exhaustive list). These advertisers can only target their ads to the country in which they are licensed.

Appealing Disapproved Botox Ads on Google Ads Platform

Once you are certified to run ads targeting Botox and similar services, you will need to submit your ads for approval. Note there are multiple approval statuses:

  • Under review
  • Eligible, Eligible (limited), and Eligible (limited all locations)
  • Serving
  • Approved and Approved (limited)
  • Disapproved
  • Not eligible

Once you re-submit, your ads should say “under review”. Once you approved, your ads might be upgraded to a status of Eligible (limited). This just means that your (and competitor) ads are limited in where and to whom they can show as per the Google ads policy on prescription drugs. This status often applies to industries such as alcohol, trademarks, and gambling.

If your Botox ads are disapproved again, don’t take it personally – approval statuses are automated. You may appeal the decision to gain insight into outstanding issues and make the necessary changes either within your Google Ads account or on your website. One common example is “misleading claims”.

Tips for Better Botox Advertising Performance in Google Ads

In a nutshell, there are a few aspects of a Google Ads account that could lead to improved performance of your marketing. This is assuming that you have conversion tracking configured and can determine which campaign is performing best.

The first opportunity to get more customers from your advertising efforts involve using more than one campaign type. While there are many to choose from, some of the most popular relevant options include:

  • Search Campaign – this is based on choosing keywords and writing ads that would appeal to people searching using these keywords. 
  • Performance Max Campaign – this is a bit of a black box; Google essentially gets you conversions but provides no insight into how they did it. This type of campaign either works for a business or does not. You would need to try it and it is absolutely essential that you have conversion tracking enabled, otherwise Google is missing the feedback about which types of visitors they bring to you convert into leads.
  • Shopping Campaign – this would not be used for Botox directly as it is not something people can purchase online. But if your spa sells other products online, this type of campaign is a fantastic fit. 

Google’s default campaign type when setting up a new account is a Smart Campaign. We do not recommend you use that as the performance tends to be quite poor. 

All campaign types require a strong landing page on your website with before and after photos, multiple calls to action and conversion tracking (can we repeat this often enough?).

Other options (assets) available in Google Ads to improve your click through rate include but are not limited to:

  • Location targeting – you may want to limit showing ads to a certain radius around your business or exclude certain postal / zip codes in your city
  • Ad Extensions – for example sitelinks, callouts, images
  • Call (e.g. a click here button that calls your business)
  • Promotion (e.g. sales)

Medispa Marketing Services Offered by DriveTraffic

While waiting for your ads to be approved (we have seen this done in just a few days), other marketing tactics you could engage in:

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