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Applying For Google Grants In Canada: Eligibility And Requirements

Table of Contents

  1. What is Google Ad Grants?
  2. Am I Eligible for Google Ad Grants in Canada?
  3. How Do I Apply for Google Ad Grants in Canada?
  4. What’s The Difference Between Google Ad Grants and Google Ads?
  5. Google Ad Grant Best Practices
  6. Managing Your Google Grants Account

What is Google Ad Grants?

When it comes to promoting nonprofit organizations, visibility is key.

Google Ad Grants is Google Ads support branch for Non-Profit organizations. Through this grant program you get $10,000 each month to spend on Search Ads. This can be used to raise awareness, attract donors or recruit new volunteers.

While this may seem like an amazing opportunity, organizations will require the capabilities (time and skill) to maintain these campaigns within the strict policies in place.

Am I Eligible for Google Ad Grants In Canada?

Eligibility for the grant is fairly straightforward. There are three main requirements:

1. Be An Eligible NonProfit

To be an eligible Nonprofit by Google’s standards you:

  • Be registered as a charitable organization in Canada.
  • Have a valid registered charity number.
  • Be verified as a nonprofit organization.

To be verified as a nonprofit organization you must apply with TechSoup. This third party verification is imperative for your application process. You must agree to the Google Nonprofits Terms of Service and ensure you meet the specific eligibility requirements for Canada.

2. Have a High Quality Website That Meets Website Policy

Google has defined 4 major points in their website policy about website eligibility:

1. Owned Website

Although this one might be obvious, your organization must own the domain that traffic comes to after they click your ad. If you leverage a donation page then it must be hosted by one of these pre-approved donation processors.

2. High-quality Website

Google defines these characteristics as a “high-quality” website:

  • Robust and clear description of your organization, mission, and activities.
  • It must have a fair amount of content with updated events and information, easy navigation, and clear call to actions.
  • Your site must be unique.
  • Your page loading speeds have to be fast.
  • Your site cannot contain any broken links.
  • Your site must be secured with HTTPS.

3. Commercial Activity

Your website must not be used for the purpose of commercial activities. This means it cannot include the sale of products or services, offer consultations, generate leads, or provide referrals. The site can also not:

  • Resemble a business or for-profit blog
  • If your organization charges for anything it has to describe how these funds are used.
  • Your organization must serve the public in some way.

4. Limited Ads on Website

Advertising on your website must be relevant to your mission and cannot host Google Adsense or affiliate advertising links.

How Do I Apply For Google Ad Grants In Canada?

Provided you meet all of the eligibility requirements, the application process is quite simple. All you need to do is head over to the official Google Ad Grants homepage and click the button in the top right corner labeled “Get Started”. From here just follow the required steps and your application will be processed in 3-5 days.

Google Grant Canada

There are many differences between a standard Google Ads account and a Google Ad Grants account. Below are 5 of the biggest differences between the two.

Google Grants
Regular Google Ads
Budget Up to $10K per month and no credit card required as payment is not taken from the organization. Your budget can be as high or as low as you wish and depending upon availability on your credit card.
Auction Placement Anytime you are competing with a standard account within an auction your ads will show below the paid account. Grants are essentially provided the left over spots from an auction. Prioritized over ad grant accounts.
Placement Type Limited to text ads on Google Search. Access to Google’s full suite of placements including: display, video, shopping, and more.
Audience Targeting In 2021 Google announced that Grant accounts can now access audience targeting for Search Ads. Website targeting remains unavailable. Access all of the standard audience targeting features such as interest-based targeting, demographics, and website targeting.
Policies & Limitations Google Ad grants must follow a whole new set of extra rules includeincluding account recommendations and standard metrics that must be maintained to keep the account active. See below for details. Paid Google accounts need to follow the standard  advertising guidelines  put in place.

Google Ad Grant Best Practices and Policies

To remain eligible to run your Google Grants account you must follow these guidelines strictly. It is recommended that automatic rules are set within the account to ensure all guidelines are met. Below is a list of account requirements to avoid suspension:

  • Maintain an account wide CTR of 5%.
  • Keyword quality score cannot dip below 2.
  • The account must use geo-location targeting.
  • You must have 2 sitelink extensions.
  • There must be a minimum of 2 active ad groups per campaign.
  • You must use automated bidding strategies such as Max conversions.
  • You cannot use single keywords.
    • You can use single keywords permitted on this list.
    • You can use single keywords if they are branded.
  • No overly generic keywords.
  • You must log into the account once a month and implement a change once every 90 days.

Managing Your Google Grants Account

Managing and maintaining a Google Ad Grants account can be an intimidating and frustrating process. While a DIY solution is possible we highly recommend working with a professional who knows the ins and outs of this Google service. Here at DriveTraffic we have serviced dozens of clients in need of Google Ad Grants. Save yourself time and money by working with our team of professionals today.

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