If you’ve been browsing the web for a few months or years, you’ll be surprised to see the number of websites or mailing lists you’re subscribed to. But you’ll never know until you use Unroll.me.

Most of these websites you don’t even remember, but they’re constantly sending you emails. It’s a pain to open each individual email and look for the unsubscribe link. As a result, you stay subscribed and your inbox keeps filling with junk, not to mention the distraction such emails cause. Unroll.me lets you unsubscribe from all unwanted mailing lists in a flash.

On the other hand, there may be subscriptions you like to keep, but want to see them at one convenient place, in your own time. Unroll.me enables you to “Rollup” the emails you want to read and receive them in a comfortable magazine format for easy viewing.

Just sign in with your email address and password and Unroll.me will quickly show you a list of all the websites you’re subscribed to. You can unsubscribe from the unwanted ones and add the ones you want to keep to the Rollup, with a single click. In my case, I unsubscribed from 22 services within about 5 seconds. Cool!