I just finished watching a video about Facebook Messenger Marketing for Local Businesses by Tristan Adkins of Customhouse Media. This video is part of a series of training videos about local marketing put on by Local Marketing Institute.

In the video, Tristan shared a case study he did with TJ’s Burgers that utilized:

  • An organic Facebook post (e.g. it was not boosted)
  • A video
  • A contest that involved a gift card for $100
  • Many Chat (a bot builder for Facebook Messenger)
  • A second giveaway for those who did not win the big giveaway

TJ’s Burgers announced on their Facebook page that they would be giving away $100 gift card on a specific date. They made this announcement using a video post as videos receive more organic reach in Facebook than text or image-based posts.

In order to qualify for the giveaway, you had to:

  1. Like TJ’s business page.
  2. Share the post (not that asking your audience to share a post is not allowed for Facebook ads but this was not an ad – it was an organic post with no money behind it).
  3. Comment using a specific word.

This is where the Many Chat Facebook Messenger bot kicked in and would send a pre-programmed message to those who successfully entered the contest by doing all three of the above-mentioned items. Many Chat would ask these people a question – e.g. “Do you like burgers”. By responding to the bot, people were opting in to receive messages from TJ’s Burgers (note that DriveTraffic Digital Marketing is currently looking into whether or not this qualifies as opting in for Canadians).

TJ’s organic Facebook post:

  • reached 120,000 people
  • had 55,000 views
  • was shared 2,320 times
  • received 1,400 comments
  • gained 912 Facebook Messenger Subscribes or Opt-ins

Who sees that kind of results on an organic post??

This contest was very short in duration so just a couple of days later, TJ’s Burgers announced the winner through Facebook Messenger (to the 912 people that subscribed) and did another Facebook video post announcing the winner.

Along with the messenger announcement to 911 people that they did not win, TJ’s provided something to compensate for their disappointment – a voucher for 20% off a milkshake! This offer was for a very short period of time (e.g. 48h) and they tracked the number of people that brought in a voucher.

Of the 912 subscribers on Facebook Messenger:

  • 865 opened the message (95% open rate!)
  • 124 redeemed the offer (14%)

Would you run such a competition for your local business? Wondering what else you can do to encourage people to engage with your restaurant Facebook business page? Watch for an upcoming blog post on this topic.

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