Another Tool to Show Which of Your Page Titles Google is Changing on You

Follow up – Easy to Use Checker for Google AI Changes to your Page Title


On Wednesday, September 15, 2021, I shared information about Google using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to update your page titles. Since publishing that blog post, which contained a great tool (a bookmarklet) to check which page titles Google is changing, I have come across an even easier-to-use title checker with exporting abilities! This will make things go faster as you check your site.

How to Get There – Step by Step

The easiest way to use this tool is to know what the URL for your XML sitemap is. Many don’t know so try typing this into your browser to see if this URL works (it’s ok if this URL redirects to another URL that ends in XML – copy that URL!)


Mine redirects to so I’m going to copy this URL to use with this awesome new tool!

Go to and paste your URL that you copied above into this field:

Then click Load Sitemap and Check Titles.


Here is a sample from the DriveTraffic site:

You’ll see that the changes are minor and something that is missing in my opinion is page title lengths. Fortunately you can export, but the export only contains the title and Title in SERP – it does not include the URL!

If you are an Excel wizard you can look up the URL using a Screaming Frog export. Chances are your eyes have glazed over and you want this but have no desire to do the work. 😊

Ultimately, I have not come across a tool that is as thorough as the work we are doing manually for our clients using a spreadsheet.

Do You Need a Hand?

Would you rather focus on your business and let the pros update your page titles and other meta data? We have two options:


We can provide you with a list of URLs that need either a title or description update.

The cost is $350 Canadian plus HST and we’ll provide you with a Google Sheet with the following fields for any URLs where Google is using AI to change your titles.

Note that we do not fill in any field that contains Proposed – that is for you to fill in.

  • URL
  • Existing Title
  • Length
  • Proposed Title
  • Length
  • Existing Description
  • Length
  • Proposed Description
  • Length
  • H1
  • Proposed H1


We can rewrite page titles, descriptions and H1s for you as necessary (basically we will in all the fields above). Best option is to do #1 above in order to get a quote on having us update these URLs on your behalf.

We can help you to plan, implement, and maintain your SEO Strategy. Book a call to get a proposal based on your business needs.

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