Easing into GA4 – Start Today With Google Analytics 4!

I am starting to see more questions around GA4, the newest version of Google Analytics that will replace Universal Analytics in June 2023.

Google has been sending emails on a weekly basis and there is a popup every time you go into your Google Analytics account! People are starting to get the message and also realizing this is not an easy upgrade:

“… Everyone says it’s a simple process but I’m not sure I entirely trust myself with it.”
“Would also appreciate some consulting around GA4… I’ve been resistant about learning it and was super annoyed when they decided to sunset UA. There are some things I’m struggling with understanding how it’s displayed/where things are in GA4.”

My goal over the next several months is to

  1. Encourage you to get on this now because if you want year over year data in the new platform (old data is not carried over and the technology to collect data differs therefore the numbers are quite different)… it will take 13 months from when you start
  2. Break the process down into steps so it is not overwhelming
  3. Be there to do it for you if you absolutely want nothing to do with this migration! (or upheaval as one client called it).

Step 1 – Set up a GA4 Account (Time < 60 Minutes)

Today I share how to get started. Our only goal is to set up the account! If you are already using Universal Analytics (UA), you can take advantage of Google’s GA4 Setup Assistant. Rather than reinventing the wheel, I’ll share the process that the good folks at Data Driven U have documented: https://bit.ly/ga4setup

Assuming you have an existing GA account that you are able to log into, this step should take no more than 30-60 minutes.


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