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E-Commerce Optimization Cheat Sheet

Enhancing site traffic and conversions are the most important goals of any e-commerce business. Our digital marketing experts have created a cheat sheet with simple changes you can make to enhance your ROI. From web design to SEO and social media marketing—here are 10 fundamental aspects for effective e-commerce optimization.

  1. Test page speed: Pages need to load quickly or your customers will abandon your site. Do a speed test of your pages, especially the product pages. A page that takes longer than 2 or 3 seconds to load needs improvement.
  2. Showcase your credibility: This includes displaying your SSL certification, product reviews, BBB rating, and payment options that consumers are familiar with. Customers want to know you are trustworthy and that their transactions are secure.
  3. Optimize your product pages: Studies show that visitors who land on product pages have specific intent and you do not want to lose the opportunity to make that conversion. This includes making product information and reviews easily accessible. Pay attention to pictures. For example, decorative or wearable items should be showcased in the right setting. Consider adding videos to enhance user experience.
  4. Prioritize your worst performers: We are often asked which pages to begin with. Start with your worst performers. Web analytics can pinpoint bounce rates and least visited pages to help you determine the trouble areas.
  5. Avoid duplicating content: Even if products are similar, their descriptions must be unique. Search engines will show their displeasure with lower rankings if your site carries repetitive and duplicate content. There are many online tools available to check your site for duplicate content.
  6. Make your site mobile-friendly: Market research indicates that more and more searches and purchases are being made via mobiles. Use responsive web design that adjusts to different screens and browsers. Ensure that the page structure displays valuable information such as the price, sales, and call to action before the user starts scrolling down.
  7. Keep your site error-free: Find all errors and fix them immediately. Site crawlers will notice missing content, pictures and links, and penalize you with lower rankings.
  8. Optimize usability: This means easy site navigation and a quick checkout. Make it easy for shoppers to find the products they are looking for. Simplify transactions by avoiding long forms that ask for unnecessary information. Be clear about product pricing and shipping rates to avoid shopping cart abandonment.
  9. Have a social media e-commerce strategy: Social media helps improve the way you interact with customers and serves to expands your client base. Shoppers now use social networks to research companies and products. Your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and other social pages offer opportunities to connect with them and make a lasting impression. Make your social profiles interesting and ensure that important information is easy to find. Encourage customers to review your company and products on these pages.
  10. Make calls to action (CTA) stand out: Let customers know exactly what you want them to do. Use colours and smart placement to make your CTAs distinctive, and drive action.

At DriveTraffic, we use multiple ways to optimize your e-commerce website. Our focus is not just to drive traffic to your site but also to enhance your credibility and conversions. Every month, we evaluate results and tweak strategies to maximize your revenue. We will analyze your unique business needs and design an e-commerce optimization plan that fulfills your objectives.

We are a leading digital marketing agency in Canada and our experienced professionals are happy to assist you in building your online brand and optimizing your e-commerce website. Contact us today for more information.


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